Recent Games from Hashbang Games Developers

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Gravity Ark: Black Hole Runner

Use the power of black holes to propel humanity to safety from a supernova!

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Tina's Toy Factory

August 2015

Tina's Toy Factory is a classic match 3 puzzle game with the addition of local multiplayer. You break open crates by matching 3 in a row.


Pushing The Envelope

June 2013

Pushing the Envelope is a fun and addictive arcade style game where you play as a Hot Air Balloon operator. Great for all ages.


Dimension Doors

TBD 2017

Dimension Door is a session-based horror/sci-fi fusion themed computer game where players are thrown into a malevolent supernatural mansion



EmergeNYC is an open-world which is based on a fictional New York City. Join in online to protect and serve the city and keep it running.

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Save The Dummy


A puzzle based game where you try to free your little dummies from impending doom.

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Mage Guard: The Last Grimoire - VR

December 2016

The Mage Guard is a VR game where you play as a Mage defending the last grimoire of your order. Defend yourself against endless waves of enemies.

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October 2013

Gravi is an intense puzzle-platformer that will test your tolerance for pain. Shoot and swing your way towards victory as Gravi.

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November 2014

Hack away at endless enemy hordes in Obslashin', the compulsive combat clicker! Slash through bosses, crash through barrels, and loot everything!