About Us

What We Do

Hashbang Games is a collective of Indie developers that band together to work on internal and client facing projects.  We are 40+ members strong and we have 26 developers active working on projects.  Since we have so many developers with vast amounts of experience in the game industry we are able to tackle and work on the most complex problems for our clients. In addition, these developers have worked on games in just about every genre which makes our team a very powerful tool that they can rely on to get the job done and get it done right the first time.  Currently are  working on many VR & AR Game titles, tech demos and many interesting mobile titles.

Why we do it

Our mission here at Hashbang Games is very simple.  Help indie developers grow their business.   We do it because the power of indies when band together are just as powerful as any AAA studio.  In addition, we provide many benefits to our developers that they cannot get all on their own and we enjoy watching our developer grow into successful entities.

Our standards

We hold quality very close to our hearts here at Hashbang Games, and as a standard we strive to provide AAA quality work to our clients.  We can do this by leveraging the vast amount of experience across all our developers.

Keep in touch
We love to hear from you and about your projects! We have many resources that can help you or if you just need advice, promotion of your game, game launch strategy or live ops help, you have come to the right place. Drop us a line and we would love to discuss your project!